Christina is a New York City based Pilates instructor.  Her career started in the Boston area Life Sciences, before beginning an extensive corporate career after moving to NYC.  This is where she was first introduced to Pilates through the recommendation of her orthopedist after suffering a knee injury from running over a decade ago.

A few years ago, Christina experienced a life-changing event which completely sold her on the health and rehabilitation benefits of Pilates.  While outdoor rock climbing in upstate New York, she was bitten by a poisonous snake hidden in the cliff face.  After months of traditional recovery based in occupational and physical therapy, Christina regained much of the usage of her left hand and arm, but still didn't feel 100% like her old, adventuresome self.  Toward the end of her rehabilitation process, Christina went back to Pilates, where she gained a deep appreciation and respect for what Pilates could do for her whole body recovery.  Pilates helped her realign and center her body by strengthening and balancing her injured left half as well as her deep core muscles while providing a lasting mind-body connection, allowing her to once again pursue her diverse interests and activities.

This trauma and recover through Pilates led Christina to re-evaluate her corporate career and life goals, ultimately leading her to pursue a comprehensive certification in Pilates.

Teaching Approach

The snake bite incident made Christina realize and appreciate how much of a gift it is to be able to move freely, without chronic pain. From her recovery, she learned the importance of technique, persistence, patience, and the tailoring of instruction.  There is no one-size fits all approach to any exercise regimen.

Christina has worked with clients of all ages both male and female.  Her clients range from beginners, who are using Pilates to help alleviate acute pain (such as back pain), to athletes of various types such as dancers, performers, golfers, runners, etc., needing to refine their body and improve their game.  In addition to helping her clients get stronger, she wants to enable them to gain more body awareness so they understand how certain postural faux pas and other habits can lead to less efficient movement and potentially develop pain.

Christina has also received additional certifications in prenatal and postnatal Pilates.  She endeavors to offer women a safe and effective way to workout during their pregnancy and also the means to bounce back after pregnancy.

Christina believes, based on her own personal experience and feedback from clients, that Pilates can play an important role in helping people live their lives to the fullest, mobile, and pain free.

"Preparing you for all of life's adventures."

Pilates is a full body, low impact exercise system that is designed to build strength, increase flexibility, and develop a more balanced body for both men and women.  In Pilates, there is a lot of focus on the core muscle as well as posture and alignment.  You will learn how to engage the more intrinsic muscles that support the dominant, superficial muscles.  A variety of specialized equipment such a reformer, Cadillac, chair, and mat are utilized during the session.  

As a form of functional fitness, Pilates, is suitable for men and women of all fitness levels and ages.  This can range from desk jockeys, moms-to-be, to professional athletes.  Every exercise can be modified to be easier, or more difficult depending on the client.  Some of the benefits of Pilates are:  

  • Balanced Body - Reduce muscular imbalances by working the body more evenly and also working intrinsic muscles that support the larger muscle groups.
  • Increased Flexibility - Improve your range of motion.
  • Core Strength - Work the deepest layer of the ab muscle (transverse abdominis).  Helps reduce/eliminate back pain.
  • Improve Performance - Move more efficiently by engaging the proper muscles.
  • Injury Prevention - Focuses on the posture, alignment, and developing a more symmetrical body as well as an increase in body awareness, helps reduce or prevent injuries.

Whether you are training, toning or recovering, we can help you understand your body better so you can become stronger and move more efficiently.